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q & A from our property tax appeal attorneys.


Q: How often is my property re-assessed?

A: Every third year for a property located in Cook County.

Q: How does the Assessor's Office determine the value of my house?

A: The value of your property is based on the recent sales of properties in your neighborhood that have similar characteristics to your home.

Q: How do I calculate my property tax?

To calculate your property tax bill, use the following example. Please note, different type of properties have different tax assessment rates. Below is an example of a home with an estimated market value of $100,000. 

Estimated Market Value
X Assessment Level 10%
= Proposed Assessed Valuation
X 2013 State Equalizer
= Equalized Assessed Value
- Homeowner Exemption
= Adjusted Equalized Value
X Sample Tax Rate

= Tax Bill in Dollars 

X 0.10
= $10,000
X 2.6621
= $26,621
= $19,621
X 0.10


Q: What if my property taxes are so high that I decide not to pay them?

A: If you don't pay your property taxes, you will lose your house and it will sold in a tax sale.

Q: What are the deadlines for filing a complaint to the Assessor?

A: You will receive a reassessment notice in the mail when the Assessor's Office reassesses your home.  Once you receive your notice, you have approximately 30 calendar days to file an appeal. The last date to file an appeal is printed on the top of your notice. You may also appeal your assessed valuation in any year between reassessments when your property’s township is open for appeals.

Q: Can I file an appeal even if I have received a reduction with the Assessor's office?

A: Yes.

Q: I lost my tax bill. How much are my taxes and who can I talk to?

A: You may obtain a duplicate tax bill from the Cook County Treasurer. Visit for more information. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us, and we'll help you obtain this information free of charge.

Q: Is it worthwhile to appeal?

A: Yes! We don't charge any fees to file your appeal, and only collect a portion of any savings. If we don't save you any money, you pay us nothing.

Q: where do i appeal my property taxes?

A: It's worth noting that you don't actually appeal your property's taxes. Instead, what you appeal is the Assessor's assessed value. If you like to complain that life is not fair, studying this issue will give you plenty to complain about. There are four levels of appeal available to you:

  • You can file an appeal with the Cook County Assessor's office
  • You can file an appeal with the Cook County Board of Review
  • You can appeal to the Cook County Circuit Court
  • You can appeal to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal board