Review and Appeal Process

Remember, the Cook County Assessor's records may not be completely accurate. That's where we come in. Reviewing your property's actual characteristics and comparing it with the Assessor's records is just one of many parts of our thorough analysis.

1. Gathering information about your property

The staff at the Assessor's Office works really hard to set "fair and accurate" values on your property. Unfortunately, since they set values on close to 2 million properties, it's impossible to be perfect.

2. Creating valuation for your property

The reassessment cycle happens every three years. Each reassessment cycle, our appraisers and licensed Illinois real estate brokers will determine a fair market value for your property based on recent sales of comparable properties. This will help determine whether your property has been assessed fairly.

3. Notification of new values is mailed to you

We will review the assessed value of your property, and based on our thorough analysis we will determine whether an appeal is required. If we decide that the assessed value is "fair and accurate", we'll let you know. Of course, if we don't file an appeal, we will not charge you any fees.

4. Filing your appeal before your township's deadline

If we conclude that your property's assessed value is inflated, one of our attorneys will file an appeal. Fortunately, there are no filing fees. Our team will provide all the necessary forms, data, and photos to the Cook County Assessor's Office (and the Board of Review, if necessary).

5. The Results

Official results are usually sent directly to our office 8 to 10 weeks after our appeal. Once we receive the results, we will mail you a copy. One of two things will then happen: either your assessed value has been reduced to a fair and accurate amount, or your case will need to be appealed to the Circuit Court or the Property Tax Appeals Board. Of course, one of our attorneys will contact you to discuss all your options in greater detail.

6. The Fees

We will charge you a fee if, and only if, we successfully reduce your property tax bill. Our fee is the 25% of the first year’s estimated savings. All of our work is performance based: No Savings = No Fees. There are no additional costs to you for any of our work.

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